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One of the best I have found for health, diet, and exercise information. Visit their web site here.

Potatoes - Not Prozac - Are You Sugar Sensitive?

ISBN: 0-684-84953-4
By Kathleen DesMaison, Ph.D.
Published by Simon & Schuster

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Deals with sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and caffeine. Contains a natural 7-step dietary plan to:

  • Stabilize the level of sugar in your blood
  • Control your cravings and lose weight
  • Recognize how food affects the way you feel

The Nutribase Guide to Carbohydrates, Calories and Fat in Your Food

ISBN: 0-84529-632-2
By Dr. Art Ulene
Published by Avery Publishing Group

List over 30,000 food groups. A most valuable guide to help in accessing carbohydrates, fats, etc. Fabulous!

The Zone (Enter the Zone)

ISBN: 0-06-039150-2
By Dr. Barry Sears, Ph. D.
Published by Harper Collins

Very strict regime. Very technical. For a first read on controlling your carbs and sugars, it can be rather scary and seems impossible to achieve. Doesn't allow for a gradual withdrawal as Potatoes, Not Prozac.