This website is dedicated to good health, good taste (although some of the comments may be questionable on taste), good cooking, and just good clean fun.

Included at this site are:

  • Recipes
  • Cookbooks listing breakdowns (carbs., fats, etc.)
  • Magazines listing breakdowns and good health information
  • Information on Insulin Resistance Disease
  • My own experiences with the above disease
  • Places to buy great products (unsolicited)
  • Just fun stuff with occasional shopping savings
  • Great things I have tried and thought were worth sharing

The opinions of places and items are my own, and have not been solicited or paid for by anyone. Good or bad, this is what I have experienced. If things change (e.g. some store has a bad fish department) I will update my opinion.

I am a researcher at heart, and like to share with others who may not have this ability to "dig deep". I hope you enjoy your visit to "MUCUS" and will visit again. This site will be updated periodically (as my schedule will allow), and will be expanded.

As of 11/19/98 I have lost 90 pounds (in 18 months) on the Low Carbohydrate way of living. I do not feel this is a diet. This is a new way of life; a better way of life, for me. What I have included in my experiences, menus, and suggestions have worked for me. They may or may not work for you the same as they did for me. The one thing I have found is that good or bad, information is still information. The more you can get on this disease, the better you can deal with it and be on the road to a new and better life. I hope this information helps you.

If you are looking for information on diabetes, may we recommend Diabetes Master - A Valuable Diabetes Directory and Information Resource.